My MS Story

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003 at the age of 18. My symptoms started at age 14, or earlier. When I was 4 or 5 I was diagnosed with petit mal epilepsy. At the time, even when I was 14, juvenile MS was not recognized as something that happened as frequently as it does. Now seizures are considered a common symptom of juvenile MS. At 14 I had very limited vision in one eye, and it would worsen when I was over heated. First we saw a opthomologist, who after further examination saw something pressing on my optic nerve. His first thought was that it may be a tumor, and he immediately referred me to a neurologist. The neurologist I saw was not someone I would ever recommend to someone else. Despite the findings of the opthomologist he insisted that I was making up my symptoms to get out of doing my chores. He even convinced my parents of this! I told him that my symptoms would worsen when I mowed the lawn, he should have realized that it was the heat of the summer that was aggravating my symptoms. Instead he snidely asked if it happened when I was in the mall. Irritated at what he was implying I simply replied, "Maybe if I ran through the mall!" It was a frustrating time in my life. I know a lot of people with MS who are told that they are making it up or exaggerating their symptoms. Whether this be from friends and family or doctors, no one should ever downplay serious symptoms!

Finally I had an MRI. The results were inconclusive and I was tested for Lyme's disease along with a whole host of other blood tests. We were told of the possibility of MS, but my parents told me I was not allowed to talk to anyone about it. Being so young I was unable to have a proactive role in what was going on. I was completely dependent on my parents in this area. At the time it was required that you have two separate episodes to start drugs for MS. My eyesite improved and four years went by.

At the age of 18 I was dating my future husband. We had spoken extensively about the possibility of MS, I didn't want him to be surprised by this idea. My symptoms had returned and I had another MRI. In October of 2003 I was officially diagnosed. It was both devastating and a relief to have an answer. I started on Avonex about four months later. In May of 2004 my then boyfriend and I tied the knot. I went back and forth on how I felt about sentencing him to a life with a wife who has multiple sclerosis. Thankfully he had a wonderful friend who also had MS. She had been diagnosed later in life, and her husband had actually left when this happened. She was not shy in letting him know how life could be with a wife who has MS. I am so thankful that he had this loving friend who know so much more than I could even tell him about it.

Soon after I started on Avonex I went downhill quickly and in October of 2004 I was walking with a cane and my husbands assistance, but it was very difficult. We decided to try an amazing ND we had heard of. I went for a week's worth of treatment. During this week I enjoyed all sorts of amazing new treatments. Including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, raindrop massage, soft touch, acupressure, chelation, foot baths, and had my blood looked at closely through dry blood assessment. After two days the chelation forced a response from my body and I detoxed quickly. I returned home at the end of the week walking without any assistance  I still was slightly unstable but the difference was remarkable. I decided then and there to stop taking Avonex. This was a decision I do not regret.

It has been fourteen years since my first recognized symptoms and my health is generally well. I had a baby boy in 2011 and as is typical saw a downturn in my health about six months after his birth. Today my gait is not what I would wish it to be, and I do use a cane when in large crowds to help stabilize my balance. More recently my mom was diagnosed with MS. This came as a shock and wake up call to my small family. We had to do everything we could to prevent my son from facing this horrible illness. So with my husband on board we overhauled our diet and started juicing. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the small improvements in our health we have already seen in just the few short months since this change. My son had horrible digestive and constipation issues, which are now something of the past. My husband had horrible pain in his knees and back from a car accident, this pain worsened when we started juicing and detox set in. But now his pain is drastically improved. And I am feeling better everyday as well.

Whether you are currently taking the pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for MS or not, I urge you to consider adding in juicing and changing your diet. While pharma drugs can have side effects, juicing and eating better only has good side effects. I'm not expecting to be cured eating the way we do, but if I can make my life more enjoyable it is worth every ounce.

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check this out as well

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Wow you have an amazing story and are such a strong individual. Dealing with my own autoimmune issues I have found the Ketogenic diet extremely helpful

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